About Gloria Rodgers

Gloria’s Background

As a graduate of Stow High School, Gloria Rodgers still lives in the same community with her husband, Bill. Together they have raised two children and now enjoy their seven grandchildren. They are also small business owners and have been for over 40 years.

Gloria’s main employment is at Portage Path Emergency Services where she is the Charge Nurse and has held that position for over twenty years.

When not working at Portage Path or serving on County Council, Gloria enjoys helping many other civic organizations. One major passion is OPEN M, a ministry of faith, help and hope for residents of Summit County.

In the past Gloria has worked with other organizations such as the Children’s Concert Society, Hower House Victorians and Tuesday Musical Society.

Gloria is an active member of The Chapel where she has provided lay counseling for several years. And in her spare time, she likes to read history books, travel and spend time with family.

Gloria’s Position on Issues

Gloria Rodgers’ main focus while continuing to serve on County Council is to further the programs and plans that promote economic vitality for our County.

She strongly believes in new job creation and the expansion of businesses already located here. However, research abroad to bring new and entrepreneurial business to the area is important for technological advances. Building a strong economy for job growth is essential.

Gloria prefers to use common sense solutions to address government problems and will work diligently to attain the right results. She believes in protecting values and strengthening families and will always work hard to promote and support legislation that will further these goals.

Proper budgeting and deficit reduction are necessary in today’s world, and Gloria will continue to fight to keep taxes at bay, support initiatives to reduce spending and be especially watchful for unnecessary spending.

If you have any questions or concerns, Councilwoman Rodgers can be contacted at home at 330-678-6411 or by email at grodgers73@neo.rr.com.